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Welcome to Knee Arthroscopy

This website has been developed by one of London's top knee surgeons as a resource for anyone wishing to know more about anything and everything to do with knee arthroscopies.

First and foremost, the word 'arthroscopy' simply means looking (scopy) into a joint (arthro). Knee arthroscopy was first introduced into the UK in the 1970s and has now become one of the most common, most versatile and most successful of all orthopaedic operations. A knee arthroscopy is not 'just a knee arthroscopy' - no two knee arthroscopies are ever actually exactly the same. The key is identifying which patients actually need a knee arthroscopy and then ensuring that the correct surgical procedures are actually performed. 

“Any old idiot can stick a telescope in someone's knee ... it's what you actually do inside the knee that counts.”

Nowadays, it seems that pretty much everyone has an 'expert' opinion on knee arthroscopy, from managers in PCTs to clerks in insurance companies. However, there are NO professionally approved formal guidelines for the use of knee arthroscopy in the UK - and with good reason ... because the decision as to whether or not any individual patient might actually need an arthroscopy and what actual precise arthroscopic procedures might need to be undertaken inside their knee is something that should only be taken by a proper, qualified, experienced Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in knee surgery.

This website has been designed specifically to empower patients by giving as much information as possible, to help people make the right decision for them and for their knee.


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Knee arthroscopy simply means putting a camera into the knee joint and having a look around...

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