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Vivostat is a system that allows us to take a small (120ml) amount of blood from a patient at the beginning of the operation; the blood is then spun down in a special machine in theatres to create about 5ml of Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF).

To-date, with the knee surgery that I have been performing, I have been using Tisseel fibrin glue for fixing things such as articular cartilage grafts into place in the knee. Tisseel is a natural glue (just like a blood clot) that comes from pooled human plasma (from pooled stores of donated blood), and it gives a glue that is biocompatible (doesn’t cause any adverse reactions or rejection), and that is bioabsorbable (so that it is slowly absorbed by the body with time).


Vivostat PRF gives a similar fibrin glue, but the Vivostat glue is rich in platelets, which themselves are rich in growth factors. The fact that the glue comes from the patient themselves is also an advantage, in that it eliminates any potential concerns about possible issues with disease transmission from donors (especially when multiple donors are involved, with pooled plasma). On top of this, however, and importantly – the Vivostat PRF is bioactive as well as biocompatible and bioabsorbable, which means that instead of being just an inert glue it actually promotes healing and tissue regeneration.

In addition, the Vivostat application tools allow a far more delicate, precise and controlled application of the PRF to the correct areas during the surgery, which significantly improves the surgical technique.

Vivostat has been used extensively in specialties such as vascular surgery, cardiac surgery and plastic surgery, and it can be used to get difficult chronic open wounds to heal up successfully.

In the knee, Vivostat PRF is simply yet another useful tool in the search for the perfect techniques for procedures such as articular cartilage grafting (in combination with Chondrotissue articular cartilage grafts), and for ‘gluing in’ grafts such as meniscal allografts, for meniscal transplantation (for replacing missing meniscal cartilages). 

For further information, please see the Vivostat main website:-